Minimum returns above average

Initially on Monday the wind was coming from the very cool east but mid-morning there was a subtle shift, veering into the southeast. This resulted in the warmest day for a fortnight, the 1st was 1.2C warmer. The temperature reached a maximum of 13.6C, whilst the second warmest this month it was still 0.4C below average.

Cloud built up late afternoon from an encroaching weather front easing in from the west as the predominate anticyclone centred over Scandinavia for sometime began to lose its grip on the UK. That meant a much milder night, no frost, with the thermometer not falling any lower than 6.6C, which was 2.5C above average.

With no rain for six days and a much drier air from the east or northeast recently, the rate of evaporation has increased losing the equivalent rainfall of 3.4mm on Monday. The total evaporation for April so far is 27mm, which is only 5mm below the April rainfall.