Air frost returns

Wednesday brought us many hours of sunshine although a brisk northeasterly breeze, maximum 24mph, suppressed the temperature by day with a maximum of 11.7C. This peak was up over 2C on the Tuesday maximum but still 2.3C below average with a wind chill that meant it felt a couple of degrees cooler. It was a dry day with the UV level returning to the high end of the ‘moderate’ level.

Not surprisingly, with clear skies overnight, the temperature fell away producing an air frost with a minimum of -0.7C at 06.27 this morning, Thursday.

Thursday saw the sun shining strongly as it rose above the horizon that by 0800 had lifted the temperature to 2.1C with just minimal movement of the air.

This change in weather is due to an anticyclone over Scandinavia with the consequent high pressure bringing a dry and more settled few days, with sunshine.