Lowest solar energy for a month

Tuesday was a gloomy, wet and miserable day with very low cloud persisting all day and occasional light rain showers amounting to 2.7mm. The soar energy was the wets since 12th March.

The temperatures by day and night were suppressed thanks to the cool air flow from the north east. The maximum was only 9.1C being 4.9C below the 35-year average and the minimum at 01.36 this morning was 4.0C, which was 0.1C below average. Both were 3C down on the Monday highs.

Wednesday arrived with the persistant rain band from yesterday now over the south coast resulting in thinner cloud and a much higher base. The wind, gusting to 22mph from the north east is producing a wind chill so that at 08.00 the thermometer read 4.3C but it felt more like 2C.