Storm Gareth makes itself felt

Monday gave us a sunny day with 10.6 hours of sunshine that lifted the temperature above average with a maximum of 10.8C (+0.5C).

Since 13.00 on Monday the barometric pressure has been in rapid fall loosing 23mb in 19 hours as Storm Gareth approached. A peak gust of 33mph was recorded at 04.45 today, Tuesday, as a very active weather front began to cross the area.

At 08.00 on Tuesday the barometric reading was 1004.4mb, with the wind increasing in strength from just before midnight, driving in drizzle and light showers before the arrival of heavy rain, which is imminent. We have yet to have a totally dry day in March.

Update on Tuesday at 11.00: wind gusted to 46mph at 09.34.

Update at 13.35: drizzle turned to intense rain at 11.00, since reducing to steady rain.
Temperature dropped from 9.3C at 11.00 to 3.2C at 13.30

Update at 16.20: total rainfall of 11.7mm, which after just twelve days in March brings the total just above the monthly average for the whole month.