Coldest night this month after higher UV level

The UV level on Thursday rose to 2.6, the strongest since 13th October as we enjoyed over 6 hours of sunshine. The strong westerly winds then from a cooler direction and peaking at 38 mph, restricted the temperature to a maximum of 9.7C, which was 0.6C below average.

Overnight the temperature fell away to a minimum of 1.6C at 07.09 this morning, giving a slight ground frost.

Friday arrived with broken sunshine and the thermometer having recovered to 3.9C at 08.00

Update on Friday at 15.55: dribs and drabs of light rain after midday but no quantity. Bright periods in the morning lifted the temperature to a maximum of just 9.2C, being 1.3C below average, before the rain arrived and depressed the temperature further to currently 8.5C.