Showers and more showers

Wednesday brought a rash of showers that were almost continuous throughout daylight hours. There was a lull overnight but just after 05.30 Thursday morning another band of rain crossed the area. The rainfall during the past twenty-four hours amounted to 7.7mm bringing the monthly total to 33.4mm with the current 35-year average at 59.5mm.

It was a mild day thanks to the southerly air stream with gusty winds peaking at 30mph. The thermometer maximum was at 11.5C, which was 1.2C above average.

Thursday saw another band of rain crossing the area, clearing just after 08.10, with the cloud thinning as the temperature fell away to a minimum of 4.4C.

Update on Thursday at 16.35: strong westerly winds all day gusting to 38mph at 12.32. A dry day during daylight hours.