Wettest twenty-four hours in three months

Tuesday proved a dry day until the advance rain began to fall at 15.44, from an extensive rain band, as a warm weather front reached us.

The rainfall from this weather front produced 13.8mm, which was the wettest day since 18th December and brought the March total to 25.7mm.

It was a warm day with the thermometer reaching 10.9C being 0.6C above the average and a windy day with a peak gust of 37mph occurring at 22.50.

The warm front arriving in the late afternoon and its associated thick cloud meant a warm, mild night followed with the thermometer reading 9.8C at 08.00 this morning, Wednesday.

Wednesday morning arrived with thick cloud and light rain from the back edge of the weather front now moving away to the east.

Update on Wednesday at 17.50: frequent, almost continuous showers throughout daylight hours as a deep depression approached from the west with the lowest barometric pressure in a month, currently reading 983.6mb. A mild day thanks to brisk southerly winds with a maximum of 11.5C being 1.2C above average.