Wind chill again, not experienced for over a month

Monday brought brisk westerly winds, gusting to a peak of 32mph in a squall at 11.58, that meant a wind chill that dropped the maximum of 8.8C to making it feel more like 6C. The peak was also below average (-1.5)C, the first for nearly a month.

A heavy rain shower started at 12.00 that with later minor showers just after 5pm amounted to 1.9mm.

Overnight saw a minimum of 2.9C at 02.39, which had recovered to 4.8C at 08.00 today, Tuesday.

Tuesday morning arrived with the sun shining brightly after it rose above the horizon.

Update on Monday at 18.30: temperature eases back above average, just (+0.6C) with a maximum of 10.9C at 13.10. Rain arrived 15.40 ahead of next extensive rain band, this time from a warm front, so a mild wet night ahead.