Storm Freya made itself felt, but not severely

Sunday saw the barometric pressure fall to its lowest pressure in over a month with Storm Freya passing to the north west of this area. The lowest pressure was 986.6mb early this morning, Monday, compared to the highest this month, on the 1st, with 1020.0mb.

The deep depression brought strong winds for most of Sunday with a maximum gust of 39mph at 16.36. Later in the evening the wind strength dropped rapidly.

During the day there were frequent showers emanating from a wide weather front that produced 5.4mm of rainfall.

Sunday gave us another relatively warm day with a maximum temperature of 11.1C, which was 0.8C above the 35-year average.

With clear skies overnight the thermometer dropped to a minimum of 2.9C at 06.23 this morning, Monday, being 0.8C above average.

Monday morning brought broken cloud cover with glimpses of brightness and the wind now backing into the west.

Update on Monday at 15.45: temperature depressed in strong, cool westerlies with a maximum of only 8.8C at 11.56, being the first below average (-1.5C) temperature in almost a month. The gusty wind, peaking at 32mph, produced a wind chill so that it felt more like 6C.