Temperature up again

Saturday saw the thermometer rise to 17.1C, the warmest day in March and 6.8C above the average.

Cloud began to build late afternoon into the evening and night that stopped the thermometer falling below 6.3C, being 4.1C above the average.

Sunday saw misty conditions at dawn with the wind having strengthened during the early hours and veered into the Northeast giving modest wind chill.

Another air frost overnight

Friday brought us wall to wall sunshine, if less strong due to thin, high cloud. In the light southerly breeze the thermometer rose to a maximum of 16.1C being 5.8C above average and another day.

A cool night was to follow under clear skies so that a minimum of -0.8 was recorded at 06.03 this morning. However, the temperature quickly recovered under the influence of bright sunshine after dawn so that by 08.00 on Saturday the thermometer read 4.9C.

The barometric pressure has been falling slowly over the past 36 hours, which indicates that the recent weather pattern is changing.

Warmest day in March

Thursday saw the thermometer rise to 15.0C at 14.02 making it the warmest day this month and 4.7C above average.

Another dry day, the eleventh successive dry day with the monthly rainfall of 69.8mm (+10.3mm) and the UV level at ‘moderate’.

Not surprisingly under clearer skies the temperature took a tumble, not as cold as the previous night, with a minimum of 2.6C at 01.54.

Friday arrived with dense fog limiting visibility to 50m, described as ‘dense’. By 08.00 the sun was trying to break through with visibility improving, currently 200m.

Anticyclone intensifies centred over UK

The temperature lifted a little on Wednesday compared to previous days with a maximum of 13.4C at 13.49 in variable sunshine under the high pressure system centred over the UK with a peak pressure of 1036.8mb at 08.00 today, Thursday. The effect of this anticyclone was also to bring little wind with a peak gust of just 14mph but there were times when the wind fell out entirely.

A chilly night was to follow with a minimum of 0.9C at 03.54, briefly giving a ground frost, but by 08.00 Thursday the thermometer had lifted to 6.6C under the influence of sunshine through broken cloud.

Highest UV level in six months

Tuesday saw the thermometer rise well above average again with a peak temperature of 13.1C (+2.8C) and the UV level reading 4.3, which was at the top fo the ‘moderate’ level. The eight consecutive dry day.

A cool night followed with a minimum of 1.2C at 02.25 but cloud drifted in during the early hours that blanketed out the sun at dawn and saw the temperature lift to 6.4C at 08.00.