Storm Erik made itself felt!

Friday saw Storm Erik approaching the north of the UK with its associated wet and windy weather. The warm Atlantic air raised the temperature to a maximum of 10.8C being 3.6C above average and the warmest day since 25th January.

Rain showers were plentiful during daylight hours, with an intense burst between 1535 and 1545. Overnight there were fewer showers with the rainfall for the past twenty-four hours amounting to 9.6mm, which brings the February total to 50.3mm.

It was a windy period with frequent bursts above 30 mph and a peak gust of 41mph at 13.33.

There followed a mild night with a minimum of 5.0C, which was 3.7C above average and the warmest night since 16th January.

Saturday morning began with much cloud cover, dry and the wind slowly abating as Storm Erik moves away into the North Sea with barometric pressure rising since 15.35 yesterday.