Warmest morning since December

Thursday saw the weather return to the wet and wind pattern with strong winds and intermittent showers. The maximum was 8.3C, being 1.2C above average.

During yesterday evening the warmer air arrived with a consequent rise in temperature so that by 8.00 today, Friday morning, it had reached 9.1C, making it the warmest morning since 23rd December. The strongest gust of wind measured 32mph.

Rainfall over the last twenty-four hours amounted to 6.7mm making the February total 40.7mm when the average is 64.9mm.

Friday arrived with thick, low cloud and drizzle in the air ahead of the forecast numerous rain showers and strong winds as Storm Eric barrels in from the west.

Update on Friday at 15.15: peak gust of 41mph at 13.33 with maximum temperature of 10.8C occurring at 14.00. This was 3.7C above average. Barometric pressure falling rapidly all day as Storm Eric approaches the UK, currently 991.4mb.