Highest daytime temperature for a week

Monday saw the continuing thaw of lying snow, accelerated as the temperature climbed to a maximum of 9.4C at 15.04. This was 2.3C above average and the warmest day since 25th January.

Rainfall amounted to 1.7mm in the past twenty-four hours bringing the February total to 20.9mm with the current average standing at 64.9mm.

As the temperature began to fall after 4pm Monday afternoon fog began to form quite readily as I watched in the River Og valley where much snow still lay across the meadows. The colder, moist air below the town, also close to the river, meant that as the air rapidly cooled the moisture condensed and fog began to form. Overnight there was a ground frost as the temperature dropped to a minimum of -0.2C at 05.30 this morning.

Tuesday arrived with the expected fog limiting visibility to 200m. By 08.00 the thermometer had risen to 4.9C so the remaining snow will now continue to thaw.