UV level on Sunday highest for nearly three months

Sunday brought us much welcome sunshine, 8.23 hours, that raised the temperature to a maximum of 3.8C during daylight hours but overnight it rose again to read 5.8C at 08.00 Monday morning. This resulted in a steady thaw of lying snow.

The UV level at 1.3 was the strongest since 14th November.

In the early hours of Monday a band of heavy rain passed through producing 9.5mm of rainfall that accelerated the thaw. During this period the wind rose considerably giving a peak gust of 28 mph.

Just after 08.00 today a band of light rain and drizzle, emanating from low cloud passed over.

Update on Monday at 15.45: first above average temperature for a week with maximum of 9.4C (+2.3C) and a little sunshine in the afternoon.

Update at 19.20: the thermometer began to fall consistently around 16.30 when fog could be seen forming rapidly in the River Og valley where much snow still lay. The cool air below the town over the snowfield and moisture from the river meant that the still air began to condense, which has developed into widespread fog over the local area. Current temperature is 1.4C, and falling, so a ground frost is imminent.