Coldest night in seven years at -11.3C

With the snow having ceased on Friday night it was a pleasure to see the sun shine brightly from dawn on Saturday. However, the extensive snow cover, following a sharp frost, meant that the thermometer only rose a little above freezing. The maximum of 2.9C was reached at 14.32, which was 4.2C below average, however, it did allow a slight thaw of snow but not in the shade.

The UV level at 1.1 was the strongest since 14th November during the 8.05 hours of sunshine.

The driving snow and sharp frost meant that the top most anemometer froze solid, which I eventually managed to free by standing on a step ladder and using a long, extendable fibreglass pole.

The air temperature dropped below freezing at 19.55 Saturday night and continued to fall steadily all night and by 08.06 on Sunday morning, just after dawn, registered a minimum of -11.3C. This was the coldest night since the record breaking frost on 11th February 2012 that saw the temperature plummet to -13.0C.

Sunday arrived with clear skies and sunshine as soon as it got up.

Update on Sunday at 15.40: after a severe frost the thermometer struggled to reach 4.5C at 14.40, (2.6C below average) even though we had over eight hours of sunshine and the UV level of 1.3 the strongest for nearly three months