Almost 10 hours of glorious sunshine

Wednesday was the last of the wall to wall sunshine days, which gave us 9.97 hours. The temperature was 0.7C down on the record maximum for February on Tuesday with a reading of 17.5C at 13.45, but this was still 10.4C above the 35-yea average.

During the day the barometric pressure, which has been very high for six days, began to drop as the anticyclone edged away.

Initially overnight the temperature fell away to a minimum of 1.4C at 00.35 this morning, Thursday, but the influence of the approaching weather front saw cloud begin to encroach from the west that reversed the falling trend so that by 08.00 Thursday morning the thermometer had recovered to 7.8C under a predominantly cloudy sky (7/8).

Update on Friday at 18.20: the last day of meteorological winter saw the maximum temperature down on recent days with a peak of 10.4C, which was still 3.3C above average. A significant change in wind direction, now from the south west.

Record broken again

Tuesday saw the February maximum record broken again as the thermometer rose to a peak of 18.2C at 14.48, which was 11.1C above average and up 0.5C on the Monday record.

It was another totally dry day with 9.91 hours of sunshine, the sunniest day since 9th October.

With no cloud cover overnight to provide a duvet that would restrict heat loss into the atmosphere, the thermometer again fell below zero with a minimum of -0.8C at 07.01 today.

Wednesday morning is a re-run of the last three days as the sun began to shine strongly when it rose above the horizon.

Update on Wednesday at 15.20: another very warm day with wall to wall sunshine producing a maximum of 17.5C. Although this was 0.7C down on the record breaking Tuesday maximum it was still 10.4C above average.

Record broken with warmest February day

Monday saw the thermometer rise to a maximum of 17.7C at 14.46. This broke the existing record set in 1998 and was 10.6C above average, which is more typical of May average.

There was just a slight movement of air from the south all day with the strongest gust registering only 11mph.

It was another dry day giving us 9.77 hours of sunshine – wall to wall – and the UV level higher again with a reading of 2.2, not seen since 21st October.

As on previous nights under a clear sky the thermometer fell below zero, but not until just after 04.30, with a minimum of -1.5C at 07.18 this morning, Tuesday.

Tuesday saw the sun again shine brightly and strongly as it rose above the horizon lifting the temperature at 08.00 to 1.1C.

Update on Tuesday at 15.20: record broken again with maximum temperature today of 18.2C at 14.48, which was 0.5C up on Monday’s maximum and 11.1C above the 35-year average.

Sharp frost follows wall to wall sunshine.

Sunday saw the sun shine continuously from dawn to dusk logging 9.61 hours. The very mid air, then from the south east, lifted the temperature to a maximum of 15.6C, which was a significant 8.5C above the 35-year average and more representative of average April temperatures.

The anticyclone intensified producing very still air conditions with the maximum gust, if it can be called that, of just 9mph.

With clear skies overnight the thermometer steadily fell to a minimum of -1.6C at 05.00 this morning, Monday, which lifted the temperature to 1.2C at 08.00 as the sun got to work when it rose above the horizon.

The barometric pressure has continued to rise with a reading of 1036.1mb at 08.00, Monday morning, the highest pressure for over a month.

Update on Monday at 15.10: 35 year record broken as warmth increased again with a maximum of 17.7C at 14.46, which was a significant 10.6C above average making it the warmest day since 21st October. The previous record was set on 14th February 1998.

Warmest day in four months

With very light air movement from the south and 7.84 hours of sunshine, the thermometer rose to a maximum of 15.8C on Saturday. This was a significant 8.4C above average and the warmest day since 21st October.

With no further rain the total for February still stands at 61.4mm, just 3.5mm short of the 35-year average.

With clear skies overnight it was not surprising to watch the temperature slowly fall during the evening and to find the minimum of -0.2C was set at 07.30 this morning, Sunday. This low was 1.2C below average.

Sunday morning saw the sun shine brightly as soon as it got up, that by 08.00 lifted the temperature above freezing with a reading of 0.9C.

Update on Sunday at 17.20: another unusually warm February day with a maximum of 15.6C being 8.5C above average in calm conditions with the strongest air movement all day reaching just 9mph.