A little sun but not much warmer until later in the day

After the sharp frost on Thursday morning the thermometer very slowly recovered to a maximum of 4.3C during daylight hours but then an advancing weather front with slight warmer air arrived just before 18.00 that saw the temperature ease upwards to a peak of 6.4C at 20.45.

It was another dry day that makes sixteen consecutive dry days under the influence of the intense high pressure. There was a little sunshine in the morning that totalled 1.52 hours.

Overnight the temperature dropped very little with a reading of 5.9C at 08.00 on Friday morning that arrived with the continuation of complete cloud cover and very light winds.

Update on Friday at 16.30: thermometer eased above the average temperature with a maximum of 7.8C at 13.36. Little wind to break up the cloud although 1.6 hours of sunshine was welcome around noon.