-5.8C this morning – that’s cold!

Thursday provided another in the succession of gloomy days as cloud persisted all day with no sunshine or UV. With the intense high pressure overhead there were still conditions for much of the day with the strongest movement of air peaking at just 8mph.

The slight movement of air from the northeast and no sunshine meant a very cold day with a maximum of just 3.4C, which was 3.6C below average.

During the evening the sky began to clear and the thermometer to drop steadily so that by 08.00 today, Friday, the minimum was -5.8C, which was 7C below average and the coldest start ti a day since 1st march 2018. Currently the sky has some wispy cloud but there is promise of some sunshine.

Update on Friday at 15.35: thermometer struggled to reach a maximum of 1.3C at 12.46, which was almost 6C below average. Currently the temperature is about to drop back below zero. Very little wind, maximum movement of 8mph but often still conditions.