No sun, no UV, no rain and little wind

Sunday continued the run of mild and moist air from mid-atlantic that raised the temperature to a peak of 9.6C, which was again above average (+1.8C).

As the day wore on the cloud base lifted off the Marlborough Downs with light winds and a dry day. Overnight cloud again meant a mild night with a minimum of 8.2C, which was 6.3C above average.

Monday arrived with the continuation of thick cloud but not as low as on Sunday. The Barometric Pressure now reading 1036.2mb, the highest reading since 26th October as the anticyclone centres just to the south of the UK.

More of the same

Saturday was again a sunless but dry day with thick cloud hovering over the Marlborough Downs giving misty conditions.

However, it was a very mild day, thanks to the flow of mild, moist mid-Atlantic air. The thermometer rose to 10.9C being 3.1C above average. Likewise overnight, a minimum of 8.6C, which was 6.7C above average.

Sunday arrived with the cloud base even lower from the mild, moist air. After a breezier day on Saturday, peak of 20mph, this morning brought light winds.

The barometric pressure at 08.00 was 1035.1mb, the highest for two months as the anticyclone intensifies.

Still very mild from mid-Atlantic air mass

Friday brought an hour of sunshine with both maximum 8.2C (+0.4C) and minimum 5.8C (+3.9C) again above average.

Cloud thickened overnight with a consequent rise in temperature from late afternoon so that by 08.00 on Saturday the thermometer read 8.9C. Dawn arrived very gloomy with low cloud and light drizzle in the air.

Update on Saturday at 16.35: another balmy day, even warmer, with a maximum of 10.9C, being 3.1C above average – more like a November temperature. But no sunshine!

Welcome sun returns after foggy start

Although the fog was thick on Thursday morning, with visibility down to 100m, it thinned and sunshine broke through mid-morning, giving us 5.4 hours.

The lowest temperature in the past twenty-four hours was at dawn with a reading of 1.7C that rose to a maximum of 8.6C, being 0.8C above average.

The clear skies during the evening allowed the thermometer to drop to 2.8C at 18.30, then slowly rose to 5.8C at 08.00 on Friday morning.

The cloud bank eased away to the east on Friday morning with broken sky then in evidence with the possibility of some sunshine although mist began to form on the Og valley.

No sun, no UV, no rain – gloomy Boxing Day

Boxing Day saw a continuation of the the virtually static weather under the intense high pressure. There was little wind to break up the clouds, which brought mild but moist air and blocking out any possibility of sunshine.

The maximum was again above average ((+!.0C) with a peak of 8.8C but clearing skies overnight meant the thermometer fell away to a minimum of 1.7C at 08.00. The lower temperature meant the moist air condensed so that at dawn fog had formed, classed as thick, reducing visibility to under 100m.