A little sun returns but temperatures drop

Thursday brought us 1.45 hours of sunshine following two sunless days, that combined with the mild Atlantic air raised the maximum to 12.4C just after dawn. However, after that time the thermometer slowly fell away to a minimum of 6.3C at 06.20. Both maximum and minimum were again above average being +2.3C and +2.7C respectively.

The effects of Storm Diana were felt in that the wind on Thursday was still stormy with a maximum gust of 47mph. Late evening the wind dropped and by dawn today the air is still again.

Rainfall in the past twenty-four hours amounted to 4.8mm bringing the November total to 86.4mm, which is still 5mm below the November average.

Friday dawned with the odd cloud moving eastwards but a predominantly clear sky with the promise of more sunshine as the barometric pressure rises as Storm Diana moves away north eastwards.