Days of blocking high are nigh!

Sunday gave us another gloomy day, dry with just a little brightness mid-morning. The thermometer again did not get above the average for November as it struggled to reach a maximum of 7.1C (-2.9C), which was the eighth successive day with a below average maximum.

Monday arrived with broken cloud and a much brighter day in prospect, the wind now having backed into the north from the north east on the two previous days.

The rainfall for November still stands at 60.1mm being 31mm below the 34-year average. We have had six successive below average rainfall months. Although rain is forecast in the next couple of days as the blocking high lets depressions move in from the Atlantic, I wonder if it will change the sequence of drier than average months, evidence of which can be seen in the very low water levels in both the River Og and River Kennet, which flow through Marlborough.