Snow, sharp frost then fog

Thursday saw the below zero temperature at the start of the day drop further to -1.7C at 09.05 before beginning to slowly lift reaching a maximum of 4.5C at 14.27, which was 5.5C below average. We have now had eight days with slowly falling maxima as the warmth of last week falls away to below average over the past five days. It is interesting to see the gradual process of the loss of warmth, 14.2C, 14.1C, 11.5C, 10.1C, 9.8C, 7.3C, 5.1C, 4.9C, and 4.5C.

The past night saw a minimum of 2.6C at 21.55 before slowly rising to 4.2C at 08.00 this morning as thicker cloud drifted in from the south.

Friday arrived with thick cloud hovering over the Marlborough Downs producing fog with visibility down to 400m.