After the snow comes a sharp frost

A band of rain initially, turning to wet snow, arrived at 08.14 on Wednesday that continued for over an hour leaving a thin covering on non-hard surfaces.

The maximum temperature has been falling daily since 14th struggling to reach 4.9C on Wednesday, which was 5.1C below the 34-year average.

The total precipitation was 9.2mm bringing the November total to 58.6mm, which is still 33mm less than the average for November bearing in mind that we have had six successive months with below average rainfall.

Clearing skies late afternoon meant a sharp frost set in around midnight falling to -1.4C just before sunrise, this was 5C below the November average.

Thursday arrived with the sun beginning to shine as soon as it rose above the horizon but not triggering the sunshine recorder until 09.04.

Update on Thursday at 16.20: maximum temperature down again to peak of 4.5C at 14.27. The sequence of falling maxima over the past nine days is: 14.2C, 14.1C, 11.5C, 10.1C, 9.8C, 7.3C, 5.1C, 4.9C and 4.5C.