Tuesday was the coldest day since 1st March

Tuesday saw the thermometer struggle to reach a maximum of 5.1 at 11.21, which was 5C below the 34-year average and the coldest day since March 1st when the thermometer did not get above -2.0C. This was the seventh day of falling maxima.

There were light showers during daylight hours with heavy precipitation overnight amounting to 2.8mm. This bright the November rainfall total to 49.4mm being just 54% of the November average when we have had six successive months of below average monthly rainfall.

Wednesday early morning saw the thermometer fall away to a minim of 0.9C being 2.7C below average.

Snow (wet) began to fall at 08.16 on Wednesday morning and continued to fall heavily for almost an hour during which time the thermometer dropped further to 0.8C at 09.15. This left a light covering on the grass and soil surfaces. Currently the wind has dropped out and there is no wind chill factor. Wind now veered from harsh northeasterly to a more friendly southeasterly.

Update on Wednesday at 15.30: maximum temperature down for eighth consecutive day with a peak of only 4.9C at 12.50 being 5.2C below average.