Daily colder from Wednesday: 14.2C, 14.1C, 11.5C, 10.1C, 9.8C. Monday only 7.3C

Although we had 6.65 hours of glorious sunshine on Sunday the wind, having backed now into the north east, brought a much cooler air mass from Scandinavia. This resulted in a maximum of 9.8C being 0.3C below average, only the second below average this month.

Due to the brisk and drier air there was a wind chill on Sunday that meant it felt a couple of degree colder than was registering on the thermometer.

Overnight cloud spilled in from the North Sea just after midnight and halted the falling temperature that coincided with the wind speed increasing.

Monday morning saw the northeasterly gusting to 24mph and the thermometer reading 6.2C but the stronger wind meant that the windchill made it feel more like 3C.

The air this morning is much drier than the warm, moist air of recent days with humidity reading 80% at 08.00 whereas last week at this time it was in the high 90s. The last time we had such dry air in the morning was 5th August, also with 80% humidity.

Update on Monday at 13.50: maximum temperature of just 7.3C reached this morning at 10.33. Wind gusting to 30mph is producing a wind chill in that it feels like 5C.