Night and day still above average temperatures

With a little sunshine on Thursday, 2.28 hours, the thermometer again rose above average to a maximum of 12.7C (+2.6).

It was another breezy day with a peak gust of 26mph in the brief and only shower of the day at 10.12, which produced just 0.2mm of rainfall.

A mild night followed, again due to thick cloud cover, that stopped the thermometer falling below 8.6C (+5.0C) , this had risen to 10.4C at the time readings were taken at 08.00.

Friday dawned gloomy with thick cloud as the next weather front edges in from the Atlantic.

Update on Friday at 18.15: the wind has been rising for the past nine hours, currently gusting to 35 mph with 10 minute average now 10mph. The first rain started to fall just after 17.15. Barometric pressure falling rapidly all day having dropped 11mb in the past 10 hours, currently reading 994mb.