Heavy showers but little sun on Wednesday

Wednesday saw the barometric pressure building rapidly from the lowest pressure since 4th April (989.9mb) as a ridge built across the country. However, it was a predominantly cloudy day with just 16 minutes of sunshine.

The showery activity ceased late afternoon as the cloud thinned into the evening but commenced just after 04.30 this morning as several heavy showers arrived from the southwest. The rainfall for the past twenty-four hours amounted to 8.7mm bringing the November total to 17.0mm when the average is 91.4mm.

With initially clear skies the temperature dropped to its lowest for almost a week with a minimum of 4.6C at 02.15 but the arrival of cloud ahead of the next band of showers meant the thermometer began to rise again reaching 8.8C at 08.00.

Tuesday arrived with heavy showers until about 07.40. The sun began to break through gaps in the cloud just after 08.20 with a cessation of showers. The current barometric pressure is 1012.3mb, a rise of 22mb in 24 hours.