Deep depression with lowest pressure for 6 months, brings wind and rain

The southerly air flow from Spain and France again on Tuesday raised the temperature above the average (+3.1C) with a maximum 14.4C at 13.54.

There were glimpses of the sun between breaks in the fast moving clouds, almost 1.9 hours, pushed on by brisk winds. A peak of 30 mph was recorded at 07.01 this morning.

Overnight rain amounted to 6.1mm.

Wednesday arrived with the barometric pressure at its lowest since April 4th with a reading of 989.9mb at 06.39 this morning. A deep depression over the Irish Sea is producing the low pressure and driving the strong gusts of wind.

The thermometer did not fall below 11.3C overnight being almost 7C above average.

Update on Wednesday at 15.30. Wind eases down from peak of 35mph and showers fade away as barometric pressure builds rapidly. Maximum temperature of 12.1C (2.0C above average) at 10.21 during brief brighter period.