October temperatures in November!

The flow of moist, warm air from the continent pushed the thermometer to a maximum of 14.2C on Monday. This was 4.1C above the 34-year November average and close to the October mean and the warmest day in November.

After a sunless day on Sunday I recorded 1.9 hours of sun on Monday.

The thick cloud persisted overnight that meant much of the warmth did not radiate into the atmosphere providing another very mild night in that the thermometer did not fall below 10.5C.

Tuesday continued with much cloud and the wind having veered a few degrees from the predominantly easterly flow yesterday to the southeast on Tuesday.

A depression to the west of the country gave us the lowest barometric pressure this month with a reading of 997.7mb at 07.15 this morning.

Update on Tuesday at 16.49: temperature eases up again with a maximum of 14.4C being 4.3C above the average. Wind increasing during afternoon with gust of 23mph at 15.13.