Above average temperatures continue

The mild, moist mid-atlantic air mass continued to raise temperatures above average on Sunday with a maximum of 10.8C (+0.7C) with light rain in the morning.

The rain on Sunday measured 1.6mm so we are starting another month with minimal rainfall so far. We have now experienced six consecutive months with below average rainfall. The rainfall total for the ten months of 2018 is almost 100mm below the 33-year average.

The thick cloud cover continued overnight providing a blanket that minimised warmth radiating into the atmosphere giving a minimum of 8.3C, which was 4.7C above average for November.

Monday arrived with fog blanketing the Marlborough Downs limiting visibility to 500m.

Update on Monday at 18.20: unseasonably warm, moist air lifts temperature to a 14.2C, which was 4.1C above average.