A little sun returns but temperatures drop

Thursday brought us 1.45 hours of sunshine following two sunless days, that combined with the mild Atlantic air raised the maximum to 12.4C just after dawn. However, after that time the thermometer slowly fell away to a minimum of 6.3C at 06.20. Both maximum and minimum were again above average being +2.3C and +2.7C respectively.

The effects of Storm Diana were felt in that the wind on Thursday was still stormy with a maximum gust of 47mph. Late evening the wind dropped and by dawn today the air is still again.

Rainfall in the past twenty-four hours amounted to 4.8mm bringing the November total to 86.4mm, which is still 5mm below the November average.

Friday dawned with the odd cloud moving eastwards but a predominantly clear sky with the promise of more sunshine as the barometric pressure rises as Storm Diana moves away north eastwards.

Wild and wet! Warmest morning for over a month.

Wednesday was a wet and wild day with frequent gusts of wind in the high 20s and a peak of 37mph at 14.57.

The very mild Atlantic air lifted the temperature higher again to a maximum of 13.1C at 16.19, which was 3C above the 34-year average.

The rain was much lighter during daylight hours and overnight producing 5.5mm. This brings the November total to 81.6mm, still 10mm below the average for November.

It was another day without sunshine, the ninth this month.

The thermometer fell very little overnight, down to a minimum of 10.9C, which was 7.3C above the average.

Thursday arrived with the wind increasing again after 2am with a peak gust so far today of 37mph at 08.09. The sky is overcast with the continuation of light rain. With a temperature of 12.3C at 08.00 it is the warmest start to a day in November and since 13th October.

Update on Thursday at 10.55: peak gust of wind of 47mph at 09.47 but beginning to subside now.

Wettest day in three months also warmer by night than day

Tuesday, during daylight hours, brought eight hours of almost continuous rainfall with another burst overnight. The daily rainfall amounted to 16.0mm bringing the November total to 76.1mm, still 15.3mm below the 34-year average but making it the wettest day since 26th August.

The thermometer did not reach the November average maximum with a peak of just 9.4C at 16.47, then dropped back in the evening to 6.9C just after midnight.

It was windy day with a peak gust of 26mph at 14.12.

The advancing cloud and rain overnight, brought on winds then from a southerly direction and a much warmer air mass, saw the thermometer rise steadily to 12.2C at 08.00 on Wednesday morning making it the warmest start to a day since 17th October.

Wednesday morning also saw a brief pause in the rain before the effects of Storm Diana are felt as, after still conditions during last evening when the wind dropped completely, it has been rising again this morning.

Update on Wednesday at 13.20: south westerly wind, gusting to 34mph, driving light rain in mild Atlantic air, currently 12.7C.

Update at 16.45: peak gust of 37mph and maximum temperature of 13.1C at 16.19 being 3C above average.

Sunshine again, then frost followed by fog but change is imminent.

We enjoyed the welcome return of the sun on Monday, even if limited to the morning, with 2.35 hours, after four sunless days. However, it did nothing for the temperature as the brisk wind backed into the north that limited the maximum to just 6.5C being 3.5C below average.

Much clearer skies overnight led to the thermometer falling away steadily to a minimum of -1.7C at 02.57 before recovering to 0.1C at 08.00, the time readings were taken.

A drop in temperature and the wind dropping out overnight meant that fog formed limiting visibility at dawn to 500m.

A change in the weather pattern is afoot as the air mass on Tuesday is coming from the south east, but the still conditions persist. The cloud cover has been increasing over recent hours, thus the rise in temperature to above freezing with rain imminent from a wide weather front.

Update on Tuesday at 17.05: a significant change in weather as south easterlies bring milder air, peak of 9.4C at 16.44, making it the warmest day since 18th but still below average. Very gusty winds with maximum gust of 26mph during 7 hours of rain.

Currently (18.00), as cloud moved away eastward rain ceased with the thermometer easing downwards to (7.9C) before next rain band arrives overnight.

Days of blocking high are nigh!

Sunday gave us another gloomy day, dry with just a little brightness mid-morning. The thermometer again did not get above the average for November as it struggled to reach a maximum of 7.1C (-2.9C), which was the eighth successive day with a below average maximum.

Monday arrived with broken cloud and a much brighter day in prospect, the wind now having backed into the north from the north east on the two previous days.

The rainfall for November still stands at 60.1mm being 31mm below the 34-year average. We have had six successive below average rainfall months. Although rain is forecast in the next couple of days as the blocking high lets depressions move in from the Atlantic, I wonder if it will change the sequence of drier than average months, evidence of which can be seen in the very low water levels in both the River Og and River Kennet, which flow through Marlborough.