WoW! – Coldest October night on record

Although we had another 2.8 hours of sunshine on Tuesday there was much more cloud and the thermometer struggled to reach a maximum of 7.7C, which was 7.1C below the 34-year October average. However, it was another dry day, the 22nd this month.

The clear skies overnight meant a severe ground and air frost was recorded. The minimum of -4.3C, at 03.32 this morning, was a record for this station that was set up in 1984 and equals the record minimum on 29th October 1997.

Wednesday initially arrived with clear skies but a bank of cloud drifted across obscuring the sun. By 08.00 there were breaks in the cloud allowing glimpses of sunshine and the thermometer had recovered to -1.1C.

Update at 18.20 on Wednesday: southerly air flow lifts temperature to a maximum of 12.2C early in the day after sharp frost at 10.59. However, this was still 2.5C below average.

Lowest barometric pressure for a month

The barometric pressure fell steadily all day on Monday as the deep depression over the continent moved northwards skirting our east coast today. This was Storm Adrian named by the French Meteorological Office.

Monday gave us 6.7 hours of sunshine although that did nothing for the temperature as it struggled to reach 7.7C, a significant 7C below average, due to the brisk northeasterly wind.

Although the thermometer fell away overnight to a minimum of 0.2C at 02.16, the advancing cloud from the nearby storm began to lift the temperature so that by 08.00 it reached 2.2C although evidence of the hard ground frost could still be seen on the ground.

Just before midnight the wind began to back from the Northeast into the North and this morning has backed further now coming from the Northwest as the nearby storm progressed northwards across the near continent.

Tuesday arrived with the lowest barometric pressure for month with a reading of 996.3mb at 06.17. Thick cloud produced a few spots of rain just after dawn but subsequently the sky began to lighten as the depression eased north eastwards.

Coldest October night and morning

Sunday saw the thermometer ease upwards to a maximum of 9.0C but this was still 5.7C below average although up almost 4C on the low Saturday peak.

Another 4.35 hours of sunshine was logged and mid-morning there were a few spots of rain but not sufficient to measure hence the term ‘trace’ in the records.

With clear skies overnight the thermometer fell steadily to reach a low of -0.3C making it the coldest night in October, being 7.7C below average.

Monday arrived with clear skies and the sun shining brightly as it rose above the horizon. However, a bank of fog to the north slowly drifted southwards arriving over Marlborough just before 07.30 that by 08.00 limited visibility to 500m. Within 15 minutes this had cleared although banks of cloud then obscured the sun.

Update on Monday at 17.35: thermometer again refuses to rise above the average, the third successive day for October with a maximum of 7.7C being 7C below.
Barometric pressure falling steadily all day as deep depression edges northwards from the continent with drop of 10mb in 12 hours.

Coldest October day in ten years on Saturday

Although we had 3.4 hours of sunshine on Saturday morning, cloud cover increased after midday, the thermometer resolutely refused to rise above 5.2C. This was 5C down on the Friday peak and 9.5C below the 34-year average. In fact it was the coldest October day since 29th October 2008 when the maximum was 5.0C.

The wind, then coming from the north and gusting to 24mph produced a wind chill so that it felt more like 2C.

There were a few brief showers in the afternoon and evening that amounted to 4.0mm.

Overnight the thermometer fell back to 1.9C just after 2am with windchill making it feel more like -1C. Subsequently the cloud thickened as the wind veered into the northeast so that by 08.00 the temperature rose to 4.6C.

Sunday dawned with thick cloud and drizzle and the northeasterly having abated a little.

Update at 15.20 on Sunday: temperature eased upwards with maximum of 9.0C, which was still 4.7C below average but up 4C on Saturday peak.

Arctic air arrives giving wind chill.

Friday saw the thermometer struggle to reach a maximum of 10.2C, being 4.5C below the October average. However, the brisk northeasterly wind, gusting to 21mph, gave a wind chill in that it felt more like 8C.

There were a couple of very light showers during the day amounting to 0.6mm. That brought the rainfall for October to 40.4mm when the average is 84.8mm.

Clear skies overnight meant a cold night with the thermometer at its lowest at 08.00 with a reading of 0.4C. This gave a hard ground frost but not quite an air frost. It has been the coldest morning for a month.

Saturday has arrived with the sun shining brightly as it rose above the horizon.

Update on Saturday at 15.25: cold Arctic flow brings very cold day with maximum temperature of just 5.2C, which was 9.5C below average, but wind chill made it feel more like 1C.

Update at 18.30: COLDEST October day for 10 years. temperature down to 2.7C with wind chill making it feel more like 1C in brisk northerly wind.