Cool, damp and gloomy – that was Sunday – NO sun!

After so many glorious days Sunday was such a contrast with no sunshine at all. The cloud base was often quite low as frequent showers of drizzle or light rain crossed the area.

It was a cool day with the maximum of 17.1C, 3.6C below average, being the coolest day since 17th June.

The rainfall total was very modest, just 2.1mm, bringing the total for August to date to 17.7mm when the 34-year average is 66.4mm.

Due to the thick cloud overnight it was another mild night with the thermometer not falling below 14.7C being 3.2C above average.

As humans we have to quickly adapt to our changing weather conditions such as:

Sunday saw just a 2C variation between day and night time. However ……..

Contrast: in August daytime maxima – 29.3C (5th) and 17.1C (12th)
in August nighttime minima – 16.0C (4th) and 4.7C (11th)

Update at 16.10: bursts of strong sunshine during the afternoon lift the temperature to a peak of 22.9C at 14.32 being 2.2C above average.