Maritime weather from the Atlantic now firmly in place

Saturday brought us a sunny morning with 3.4 hours of sunshine but late morning cloud began to drift across from the west totally obscuring the sun just after midday. As a result the temperature was restricted to a peak of 19.2C being 1.5C below average and the UV now down to the High category.

Drizzle began to fall at 15.10 increasing to light rain just after 16.30.

Thick cloud overnight meant a very mild night with the thermometer not falling below 15.4C. What a contrast to the previous night when the reading was 4.7C, a difference of almost 11C between two successive nights.

Rainfall for the past twenty-four hours amounted to 1.8mm.

Sunday saw light rain begin to fall at 06.50. This was due to a cold front crossing the area related to a depression in the Atlantic.

Update at 18.30: frequent showers of light drizzle have crossed the area all day limiting the maximum temperature to 17.1C at 17.04, being 3C below average. Precipitation minimal. Currently very gloomy with low cloud over the Marlborough Downs limiting visibility to 2,000 metres.