Welcome rain BUT followed by very cool night – 4.7C!!

Friday brought much welcome rain with a total of 13.0mm making it the wettest day for three months since the deluge on 24th May (31.9mm).

It was a much cloudier day but we did enjoy 5.3 hours of sunshine that raised the thermometer to a peak of 19.8C being the coolest day this month and the first below average day this month (-1C).

With clearing skies overnight the thermometer plummeted to a minimum of 4.7C at 05.41 making it the coolest night since 21st May.

Saturday saw the sun up bright and early that lifted the temperature to 12.5C at 08.00, the coolest start to the day at this time since 22nd May.

Update at 17.30: sunshine during morning lifted maximum to only 19.2C being 1.5C below average at 11.30 before cloud drifted across. Drizzle followed by light rain commenced at 15.10.