Rain – but very little

The heat wave is definitely over. The maximum on Wednesday was 21.7C, although 1C above average it was the coolest day since the end of July.

With much cloud during the day there was greatly reduced sunshine, just 2.4 hours, also there were three very brief showers that only amounted to 0.8mm.

Cloud overnight meant a mild night with a minimum 12.6C being 1.1C above average.

Interesting comparisons for August: day maximum 29.3C, yesterday 21.7C
night minimum 9.2C, last night 12.6C
rainfall 0.8mm but evaporation 31mm

Update at 18.15: maximum temperature down again with a peak of 21.1C at 15.51 but still above the average of 20.7C. Late afternoon sunshine breaking through providing a pleasant evening.