Almost wall to wall sunshine and hot again on Sunday

Sunday brought 15.03 hours of strong sunshine, the sunniest day since 8th Jul, that boosted the temperature to a maximum of 29.3C. This was the hottest day for two weeks and 8.6C above average.

There followed a slightly cooler night than of late when the thermometer fell to a minimum of 10.9C, being 0.5C below average, at 06.00 exactly. The sun, showing strongly from just after dawn, triggered the sun recorded at 06.37.

By 08.00 the thermometer had recovered to 18.1C under the influence of almost continuous sunshine.

Another night when the wind dropped out for some considerable time that again meant the anemometer was tied up by gossamer threads and had to be released.

The barometric pressure has been dropping over the last twenty-four hours, down 8mb, signifying a change in our weather that will be evident later in the week.

Update at 13.20: temperature now 26.5C

at 14.30: temperature now 27.5C

at 15.30: temperature now 28.2C

at 17.09: temperature was daily maximum of 28.8C being 8C above average.