No rain but losing 5mm of moisture each day

Saturday again saw the thermometer soaring, then to a maximum of 28.9, being 6.6C above the 34-year average for July. Also rising again was the UV level to 8.5, being Very High and the highest since 22nd July.

After the first week of a dry July the equivalent rainfall lost through evaporation from ground sources and plant life not totals 36mm.

The anticyclone continues to build bringing not only hot weather but little wind. The maximum gust on each of the last four days has been 10, 13, 12, and 14mph but mostly around 3-5mph and falling-out entirely overnight.

Lat night the thermometer fell to its lowest this month with a minimum of 11.1C at 05.24. This morning as the sun quickly got to work the thermometer had soared back up to 20.7C when readings were taken at 08.00, which makes it the warmest start to the day at that time since 9th July 2017, almost exactly a year to the day!

Sunday update at 17.05: temperature maximum of 30.1C at 16.53. It was the hottest day since 21st June 2017.