First rain for 16 days – but very little

Wednesday saw variable could arriving just before midday lowering temperatures than on previous days with a maximum of 24.0C, but still 1.7C above the 34-year July average.

A few spots of rain were noted at 14.30 then a light shower started at 19.03 that lasted for 12 minutes that produced just 0.6mm of rainfall.

Evaporation from ground sources and plant life now totals the equivalent of 20mm of rainfall.

An interesting feature of the wind yesterday was that it started from the east and gradually veered from the south mid-afternoon then late evening from the west where it is continues this morning, but very light.

Wednesday night was milder than of late due to variable cloud giving a minimum of 13.3C.

Thursday morning arrived with fog giving visibly down to 200m. The fog quickly dispersed as the sun got to work but the variable cloud only allowed glimpses of sunshine before 08.00 but then strong and maintained.

Thursday update at 17.25: temperature rose higher today with maximum of 28.6C at 16.27, up 4.6C on Wednesday’s Maximum and 6.3C above the 34-year July average. UV level still Very High.