Warmth returns but second day below average on Monday

Monday was predominantly cloudy but as the day progressed the cloud thinned and broke giving us 1 hour of strong sunshine with the occasional very light shower of rain/drizzle amounting to just 0.4mm.

The temperature slowly rose to a high of 21.1C at 16.57, only the second day in July with a below average maximum, as late afternoon sun emerged.

Another very mild night followed with the thermometer not falling below 14.2C

With the final day of July unfolding, and with the likelihood of little additional rain today, it is interesting to see how dry the last two months have been and how much moisture evaporated into the atmosphere.

June rain: 5.3mm (average 54.5mm) evaporation 111mm
July rain: 25.1mm (average 60.9mm) evaporation 123mm

Update at 20.00: temperature returns above average with a maximum of 23.8C at 15.55.No further rain for July.

Coolest day on Sunday for over a month also first July day without sunshine.

Sunday brought more rain that persisted, if lightly, until early afternoon bringing another welcome 7.3mm that lifts the total for July to 24.7mm. This is well short of the average for July of 60.9mm

Due to the thick cloud and rain it was the first day in July without any sunshine although the total for the month now stands at 237 hours. The maximum of 19.1C made it the coolest day since 17th June being 3.2C below average, only the second below average this month.

Sunday night was very mild due to the cloud cover and residual warmth in the ground that meant the thermometer did not fall below 17C.

Monday arrived with cloud that is much higher and thinner than on Sunday and the wind having abated considerably after the peak gust yesterday of 29mph and 35mph on Saturday.

Update at 18.00: the sun returns, if briefly, and lifts the temperature to near average, just 1C below. A trace of rain and drizzle on two occasions but no measurable quantity.

First July day below average temperature as rain returns along with high winds on Saturday

Saturday brought sporadic light showers throughout the day with 1.4mm and thunder (10.58) between 1045 and 11.10.

In between the showers we enjoyed 6.34 hours of sunshine with the broken cloud limiting UV to the High category as against Very High on many previous days.

The thermometer peaked at 20.3C, which was the first day this month with a below average maximum temperature (-2C) being 8C down on Friday and 10C down on Thursday.

As the barometric pressure fell the wind began to rise with a very strong gust of wind, reaching 35mph at 15.54, being the strongest gust since 1st March.

A heavy shower passed over mid-evening with bursts just after 1am and started in earnest after 02.45 as the weather front arrived. The rainfall over the past twenty-four hours amounted to 11.5mm, the wettest day since 24th May. This brings the July total to 17.4mm when the 34-year average is 60.9mm. Fortunately we escaped the horrendous downpours experienced at various areas of the country.

The minimum temperature overnight was 13.9C, a mild night, being 2C above the average.

Sunday arrived with the rain band slowly crossing the area and wind gusting to 20mph.

Update at 18.30: only 19.1C reached today being 3.1C below average, only second this month, with more rain and strong winds. This was the first day in July without any sunshine.

No thunderstorms, no lightning on Friday – just 1mm of rain overnight!

Friday saw the last of the hot days, for the time being, with a maximum of 28.0C (+5.7C), the day marked by much more cloud and only 3.9 hours of strong sunshine.

The wind, now from a southerly direction, became gusty during the late afternoon as the low pressure approached.

Overnight the barometric pressure fell to its lowest this month, just before 5am with a reading of 1000.2MB, as a cold front passed through the area. This change in weather brought cooler Oceanic air from the Atlantic. The wind began to gust strongly just before 3am today with a peak gust of 27mph at 05.16 but still from the the south, the strongest gust since 26th May, bringing a short, brief shower that gave us just 1mm of rainfall.

Saturday arrived with broken cloud but the sun broke through by 07.30 raising the minimum temperature of 13.8C (+2.1C) to 14.9C at 08.00.

Update at 10.50: brief squall at 10.45 with wind gusting to 28mph and a few large rain drops but no quantity. A roll of thunder was heard at 10.58. The current storm passed to the west of us with storms last night passing to the east. This pattern has been observed often over the years as if the topography of the area deflects storms around Marlborough, unlike weather fronts.

Update at 16.15: gust of 35mph at 15.54, which was the highest speed since 1st March (39mph). A maximum temperature of 20.3C was recorded at 15.18, which was almost 8C down on the Friday maximum and 10C down on the Thursday maximum.

Update at 21.15: real rain at last with heavy rain for almost twenty minutes.

Hottest day for the month and year on Thursday

Thursday saw the thermometer soar during the morning before a build up of cloud after midday halted the rise at 13.35 with a maximum of 30.4C, which was 8.1C above the 34-year average. The thermometer hovered around 30C for most of the afternoon. The previous record of 34.5C was set in July 2006.

The afternoon of Thursday saw strong gusts of wind from the south as the air became less stable with localised storms moving north to the west and east of Marlborough.

A very mild night followed with minimum of 14.9C, which was 3.1C above average.

Friday dawned with strong sunshine, after the clearance of cloud near the horizon, that boosted the temperature to 20.3C at 08.00.

A change in the weather is approaching as the barometric pressure has been dropping and at 08.00 is at its lowest this month.

Update at 16.00: maximum temperature of 28.0C at 15.04, down 2C on the Thursday peak but 5.3C above average. Less heat due to increased levels of cloud and thus reduced sunshine.