Heat builds again on Friday

Friday again started with cloud brought in from the North Sea but less dense than on Thursday. The sun soon got to work and eventually gave us 14 hours of strong sunshine that by 17.41 gave a maximum of 26.3C with Very High UV levels again

With just 5.3mm of rain in June it is going to be a record dry month. The contrasting records are that in 1995 we had 12.5mm and 1998 brought 143.2mm.

Saturday morning has seen the now familiar cloud brought in on the very brisk north easterly wind that meant another mild night with a minimum of 11.3C but no sunshine by 08.30.

N.B. Daily Statistics – currently not able to update on Saturday.

Saturday update: maximum up again with a peak of 27.7C, being 7.7C above average.

Heatwave continues on Thursday after misty start

Thursday morning saw a brief change as overnight Wednesday the north easterly winds brought much cloud cover that meant the sun did not break through fully until just after 10am.

As a result of the cooler start to the day, variable cloud and stronger breezes the thermometer did not soar quite as high as on previous days with a maximum of 25.8C, still 6C above average.

The sunshine duration was also lower with 9.33 hours and although still in the Very High category the UV level was also slightly lower.

Friday morning has again seen the arrival of overnight cloud that by the time readings were taken at 08.00 had started to break up and raise the temperature from a minimum of 12.3C, warmer then previous nights, to 13.8C.

Friday update at 18.30: maximum of 26.3C at 17.41 with UV again at Very High. Low cloud early morning slowly cleared to allow strong sunshine by 09.00, if not continuous at that time, with 12 hours by 18.30.

Record dry June – rainfall 5.3mm BUT evaporation 95mm

Maximum: 27.0C, down 1.7C on Tuesday but still 7C above average
Sunshine: 16.88 hours, the highest total since these records began in 2014
UV: 7.8 being Very High

The rainfall for June is still 5.3mm although the average is 54.5mm. But the equivalent rainfall of evaporation from ground sources and plant life has reached 95mm. This June breaks the record set in 1995 with 12.5mm as no rain is forecast for the three remaining days.

Thursday: a change to the start of the day as the brisker north easterly winds have brought cloud cover in from the North Sea producing misty conditions and no sunshine by 08.00. This meant a milder night with a minimum of 10.8C, which was 3C above the previous night’s low. The humidity was 94% at 08.00 contrasting to the 70s for the previous five days.

Thursday update at 17.00: maximum of 25.8C at 16.58, still almost 6C above average. This was lower than previous days due to a misty start to the day and variable cloud.

Hotter still with maximum of 28.7C

Tuesday continued the run of dry days with wall to wall strong sunshine that started at 05.39 and Very High UV levels.

Tuesday: Maximum temperature of 28.7C at 17.47
Sunshine: 16.72 hours
Humidity minimum: 26%
Minimum temperature: 7.8C at 05.12 Wednesday
Sunshine record triggered: 05.25 on Wednesday
Sunshine this month: 182 hours
Rain this month: 5.3mm

Wednesday update at 18.00: maximum temperature of 27.0C at 17.08, which was 1.7C below the peak on Tuesday that was the highest this month.

A real heatwave with a peak of 28.6C & 16.7 hours of sunshine.

On Monday the heat grew throughout the day with a maximum of 28.6C late in the afternoon at 17.46.

The wind was light meandering between north and north east with a maximum gust of 11mph but mostly around 4-7mph.

The air is notably very dry from this direction and with little rain this month the ground has no surface moisture. The humidity has varied between 67% and 74% on recent mornings with it normally in the 90s.

The thermometer fell to 9.1C at 05.12 before the sun got to work and raised this to 19.8C at 08.00, the warmest morning at this time since 9th July.

Monday gave us 16.68 hours of wall to wall sunshine bringing the total for June to 165 hours. The sun triggered the sunshine recorder at 05.39 this morning and continues to shine.

Tuesday update at 14.30: temperature of 27.6 with extremely low humidity at this time of just 29%.

Update at 16.15: temperature eased up to 28.4C.

Update at 18.00: maximum temperature of 28.7C at 17.47,which was 0.1C higher than on Monday.