UV level rises into ‘Very High’ category again

Sunday started off with light rain and a murky morning but after midday the sky began to lighten and by mid-afternoon the sunshine, amounting to 5.5 hours, was very strong and the UV level peaked at 7.1, which was in the “Very High’ category.

As a result of the moist, warm continental air and strong sunshine, the temperature reached a peak of 24.7C at 18.14, which was almost 8C above the May average.

The sunshine total for May is currently 234 hours, which is more than double the average for the previous four years.

Overnight the temperature dropped away to a minimum of 11.4C, which was 4C above average, allowing fog to form with visibility down to 150m at dawn. By 08.00 the thermometer had recovered to 15.1C and the fog was slowly thinning.