Wettest 24 hours for almost four years

Although Thursday started with light rain it soon stopped giving a cool, moist day with occasional spots of rain from thick cloud. As a result of the dense cloud, temperatures were depressed with a maximum of only 14.1C, which was 2.8C below average and down 5.8C on Wednesday.

The UV level, not surprisingly, was the lowest for a month as was solar energy and we endured only the second day in May without sunshine.

Just after 16.30 the rain started with a vengeance and continued for over four hours resulting in a total of 31.9mm, which just after 8pm was falling at the rate of 31mm/hour. There was a clap of thunder and lightning at 19.09. Looking back through the records I find that this was the wettest day since 18th August 2014 when 40.6mm of rainfall was recorded.

The low cloud persisted overnight that meant a mild night with the thermometer not falling below 11.6C.

Friday has started where Thursday left off with thick cloud lowering over the Marlborough Downs but thankfully the wind has dropped becoming light and currently no rain is falling.