UV – Very High. Warmer again

Sunday saw the UV level rise to 7.2, well into the ‘Very High’ category and the highest since 13th August last year.

The maximum temperatures have been rising for five days, from the 16th, with 14.8, 16.9, 17.7, 21.5 and 22.2C on Sunday, which was 5.4C above the 34-year average.

Sunday saw another dry day. The rainfall for May so far is 9.1mm whereas the equivalent rainfall of evaporation from ground sources and plant life now stands at 71.3mm. It is no wonder the gardens are very dry and waterbuts running empty.

A cooler night followed with a minimum of 4.1C being 3C below the average for May.

Monday update at 16.30 maximum up again with 23.5C at 16.11

Monday update at 17.15: short heavy rain storm at 16.41.