Warmer still & ‘High’ UV

Saturday continued the dry and sunny spell with another 15.1 hours of strong sunshine that raised the UV level into the ‘High’ category again. It was the fourth consecutive day with rising temperatures giving a maximum of 21.5C, which was 4.7C above average and up 4C on Friday.

Not only was it sunny but with little wind. For the fourth consecutive day the wind has reduced in strength, yesterday with a maximum of only 11mph

Saturday night was not as cold as those previously although it was again below average (-2.4C) with a minimum of 4.7C, which was up 2.5C on Friday night.

Sunday started with misty conditions but the sun was strong after dawn and quickly dispersed the light mist.

Sunday update at 19.00: temperature up again hitting 22.2C, being 5.4C above average also UV reached the ‘Very High’ level.