Sun and more sun! Total already well above average for the month of May

Friday gave us another very sunny day with a total of 12.6 hours of strong sunshine. This brings the total for May to date to 165 hours. This is 151% of the average for a complete May month compared to the previous four years since the instrument was installed.

It was also another dry day, that makes 14 this month, with just 9.1mm of rainfall.

The thermometer eased up a little during the daytime to a peak of 17.7C, which was almost 1C above average. A cool night followed under a clear sky and still conditions to a minimum of 2.2C, which was almost 5C below average for May.

Saturday has started with strong sunshine after dawn with the promise of much more as the high pressure is still holding station over the UK.

Saturday update at 16.32: maximum of 21.5C just set as maximum today being 4.7C above average and warmest day for four days. The UV level at 6.7 is at the top end of the ‘High’ level.