Ground frost as wind drops out under clear skies

Thursday was another grand day with 15.3 hours of strong sunshine and the UV level back into the ‘High’ category after the previous dull, sunless day.

The 152 hours of strong sunshine so far this month is already far greater in total than the average (116 hours) for the whole of May over the past four years since this instrument was installed.

The northeasterly breeze, not quite as strong as on Wednesday, pegged back the temperature to a maximum of 16.9C, average for May.

With clear skies and the wind dropping out completely overnight it resulted in a ground frost with the air temperature falling as low as 0.8C at 05.35. Fortunately, for those of us with tender flower and vegetable plants with their heads just above ground level, it was not quite cold enough to produce damage but a very close run thing!