Anticyclone intensifies – highest this month – BUT no sun

Wednesday was the first day this month that no sunshine was recorded due to the continuous cloud cover brought across from the North Sea on the very strong northeasterly wind. The sunshine total for this month, of 137 hours, already is greater than that recorded for any May over the past four years.

As a consequence of the cloud and cool wind the maximum temperature of 14.8C was 2C below average and 8C below the peak on Tuesday.

The strong wind, gusting to 25mph at times, produced a wind chill that meant the temperature felt a couple of degrees cooler.

The clearing skies late afternoon and overnight meant a cool night with a minimum of 4.6C, which was 2.4C below the May average, but fortunately no frost occurred.

Thursday has dawned with intermittent strong sunshine and the wind, having fallen light in the early hours, has intensified since 4.15am.

Thursday update at 19.30: almost 15 hours of glorious strong sunshine today, the third sunniest day this May.