Sunniest day for a year & UV ‘Very High’

Monday gave us 15.43 hours of strong sunshine, from dawn to dusk, which made it the sunniest day since 26th May 2017. The strong sun produced the highest solar energy since 5th July 2017 and not surprisingly the UV level reached into the “Very High” category.

The temperature was also on the rise and back above average (+3.6C) with a peak of 20.4C at 16.29.

The past night was mild with the lowest temperature of 7.5C, just above average, at 01.41, before rising during the early hours of the morning to reach 13.2C at 08.00.

Tuesday promises another very sunny day with strong sun from dawn, although a little hazier than on Monday, initially.

Tuesday update at 16.00: it has been the warmest day for a week with a peak temperature of 22.6C, which is almost 6C above average.