Sun returns as does much drier air

Sunday gave us 10.4 hours of strong sunshine and the UV level in the ‘High’ category again.

A brisk northwesterly breeze moderated the temperature but even so the thermometer rose to a maximum of 17.9C. This was 1.1C above the 34-year average and up almost 4C on the Saturday maximum.

Another cool night followed with the temperature dropping away to a minimum of 5.1C, almost 2C below average for May.

Monday has dawned with strong sunshine that gave us the warmest morning at 08.00 for almost a week, with the thermometer recovering to 11.2C.

The drier northwesterly wind is still in evidence that combined with minimal rainfall over the past ten days gave us the lowest humidity at 08.00, of 73%, since 26th February.

Monday update at 19.30: warmest day for a week with a maximum of 20.4C at 16.29

Monday update at 20.00: sunniest day for a year with 15.43 hours of strong sunshine.